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Septic Systems

Septic systems are actually complex, biological waste treatment and disposal systems. Contrary to common belief, there is no such thing as a “maintenance free” system. Regardless of the type of septic system, there are certain maintenance procedures  that must be followed to insure that the system functions properly and does not create a public health hazard.

The On-Site Sewage Facilities Regulations dictate the type of system that can be installed on any site. A number of factors, including the soil type at the proposed site, determine the approval of a system for a particular application. The application to construct an onsite sewage facility includes the requirement for a Soil Evaluation and a Site Evaluation. Having these completed by an experienced, licensed professional is also a good first step in the planning process since these reports will determine, to a large degree, the type of system that will not only meet the OSSF Regulations but that will perform best in the specific soil type at the site.

Victoria Precision Products is equipped to handle all of your on-site sewage disposal needs. Regardless of your particular circumstance, or potential problem areas, you can be assured that we will find a solution to provide you with a septic system that will meet your needs. We have a staff of experienced licensed Professional Registered Sanitarians and experienced soil evaluation personnel who will evaluate, design and install your onsite sewage disposal system. For twenty-one years, Victoria Precision Products has manufactured all of its septic systems and works closely with state and local health authorities to insure that the systems comply with all regulations and codes.

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